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PO Box 596
Summerdale, AL 36580
(251) 968-6006

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25350 Friendship Rd., Suite 4
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Why Climatemp?

  • We have been servicing Baldwin County since 1986.
  • We are NATE Certified.
  • We are State of Alabama Certified.
  • We are Licensed and Bonded & Insured.
  • We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We have no overtime charges.
  • We Service all brands of Cooling and Heating Equipment.

Randy Englebert, President of Climatemp

Wants you to know the facts:

Is the change of season coming, then it's important to get your seasonal maintenance and inspections done.
"Do not turn on your heat until you've had a qualified technician check your unit, especially if it's powered by gas.

When you do turn on your system after a long hot Alabama summer, you should not necessarily be alarmed by a smoky or burning smell that might come out of the vents. Most of the time it is nothing more than dust collecting in the electrical unit.

Most systems are operating between 1,500 and 2,000 hours a year, which can take its toll on those machines.

It's the equivalent of a car running 100,000 miles. You aren't going to put 100,000 miles on your car without getting maintenance done, so why would you do that to your heating and air unit?

Climatemp can offer Baldwin and Mobile County resisdents the service they need whenever they need it, as we are the first AC business to offer 24-hour service and doesn't charge overtime for their services. We also offer our PACT (Precision AC Tune Up) agreement to help make AC maintenance easier for our customers.

These agreements include three visits a year, and includes a new filter change, but what it really buys folks is peace of mind knowing that our certified, knowledgeable technicians are looking at their units throughout the year."


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